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Equipped with state-of-the-art locking mechanisms, our aluminum carabiners offer swift and secure attachment. Choose between our spiral lock and automatic twist lock options, both designed to ensure a seamless and hassle-free experience.  From mountainous terrain to emergency response situations, these carabiners provide the safety and performance you can depend on. Customization is key to addressing unique requirements. Our aluminum carabiners can be tailored to your specifications, whether it's a particular shape, color, or strength requirement. Our extensive manufacturing experience ensures that your bespoke carabiner is engineered with precision and care.

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Established in 2018, Ningbo Henglong Machinery Co., Ltd. is a China OEM Aluminum Carabiner Supplier and ODM Aluminum Carabiner company specializing in the production of Aluminum Carabiner and other high-altitude anti-fall equipment hardware connection products. The company primarily uses the forging process to produce products represented by forged steel bar hooks, forged D-rings, buckles and shackles. Our company's products are widely used in high-altitude operations such as construction, electricity, firefighting, climbing, and high-altitude rescue. Not only do we have extensive manufacturing experience and advanced forging equipment, but we are also equipped with complete product testing equipment. In addition to this, we have trained a team of professional technicians. As a result, our company has considerable product customization and development capabilities. Currently, the Company maintains strict control over product quality and has just passed the lSO9001:2015 management system certification.
Thanks to our good quality control, competitive prices, advanced and reasonable production techniques, and the recommendations of our professional foreign trade team, our products have been exported to more than 10 countries, such as Mexico, Canada, Chile, Spain, Russia, Singapore. In addition, we can maintain smooth communication with our customers at all times and provide effective OEM and ODM services according to their requirements. For products waiting to be shipped, customers are welcome to commission a third party to guide the inspection. If the products shipped are defective, we will return them on a guaranteed basis so that our customers around the world don't have to worry.
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We have passed the lSO9001:2015 management system certification.

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Aluminum Carabiner Industry knowledge Extension

In outdoor activities, the carabiner is an important connection tool, and the choice of its type and function is directly related to the safety and convenience of the activity. Aluminum carabiners are popular for their lightweight and corrosion-resistant properties. However, aluminum carabiners are divided into two types: locking and non-locking, and they have obvious differences in structure and use.
Locking aluminum carabiners are usually equipped with a locking mechanism, such as a snap lock or a twist lock, to ensure a secure and secure connection. The existence of the locking mechanism makes the carabiner difficult to loosen when subjected to external force, thus greatly improving the safety of use. Locking aluminum carabiners are ideal in situations where you need to withstand high pulling forces or stay connected for long periods of time, such as when rock climbing, setting up tents or securing heavy objects. Its stability can effectively avoid danger caused by accidental loosening.
In contrast, non-locking aluminum carabiners do not have a dedicated locking mechanism. This type of carabiner usually achieves connection and separation through simple opening and closing operations, making it more convenient to use. Non-locking aluminum carabiners work well in scenarios that require frequent adjustments to the connection or temporary securing. For example, when hiking, we may need to frequently adjust the layout of the equipment on the backpack. At this time, the non-locking aluminum carabiner can quickly meet our needs. In addition, in some lightweight outdoor activities, such as short hikes or picnics, non-locking aluminum carabiners are popular for their lightweight features.
Although non-locking aluminum carabiners are easy to use, they may pose safety hazards in scenarios where they are subject to large pulling forces or need to remain connected for a long time. Since there is no locking mechanism, non-locking aluminum carabiners are prone to loosening when subjected to external forces, which may result in equipment loss or accidents. Therefore, when choosing to use non-locking aluminum carabiners, we need to weigh them based on specific scenarios and needs.
From a cost perspective, locking aluminum carabiners are usually slightly more expensive than non-locking types. This is primarily due to the design and manufacturing of the locking mechanism, which adds complexity and cost to the product. However, this cost difference is often worth it when you consider the security and stability advantages of locking aluminum carabiners.
When choosing which type of aluminum carabiner to use, we also need to consider its material and workmanship. High-quality aluminum carabiners are usually made of high-strength aluminum alloy and undergo precision machining and surface treatment to ensure good durability and corrosion resistance. In addition, the opening and closing operation of the carabiner should be smooth and the locking mechanism should be firm and reliable to ensure optimal performance during use.
There are obvious differences between locking and non-locking aluminum carabiners in terms of structure, usage scenarios and safety. When choosing to use, we need to make trade-offs and choices based on specific needs and environmental conditions. Locking aluminum carabiners are a better choice in scenarios where you need to withstand larger pulling forces or stay connected for a long time; and in scenarios where you need to frequently adjust the connection or temporarily fix it, non-locking aluminum carabiners are more convenient.