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Established in 2018, Ningbo Henglong Machinery Co., Ltd. is a China OEM Connect Safety Belt Carabiners Manufacturer and ODM Connect Safety Belt Carabiners factory specializing in the production of Connect Safety Belt Carabiners and other high-altitude anti-fall equipment hardware connection products. The company primarily uses the forging process to produce products represented by forged steel bar hooks, forged D-rings, buckles and shackles. Our company's products are widely used in high-altitude operations such as construction, electricity, firefighting, climbing, and high-altitude rescue. Not only do we have extensive manufacturing experience and advanced forging equipment, but we are also equipped with complete product testing equipment. In addition to this, we have trained a team of professional technicians. As a result, our company has considerable product customization and development capabilities. Currently, the Company maintains strict control over product quality and has just passed the lSO9001:2015 management system certification.
Thanks to our good quality control, competitive prices, advanced and reasonable production techniques, and the recommendations of our professional foreign trade team, our products have been exported to more than 10 countries, such as Mexico, Canada, Chile, Spain, Russia, Singapore. In addition, we can maintain smooth communication with our customers at all times and provide effective OEM and ODM services according to their requirements. For products waiting to be shipped, customers are welcome to commission a third party to guide the inspection. If the products shipped are defective, we will return them on a guaranteed basis so that our customers around the world don't have to worry.
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We have passed the lSO9001:2015 management system certification.

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Carabiner Industry knowledge Extension

As a practical and multifunctional outdoor equipment, carabiners not only play an important role in mountaineering activities, but are also widely used in many industries and fields. Its diverse types and flexible uses make carabiners a useful assistant in many industries and activities.
In outdoor mountaineering activities, carabiners are an indispensable tool. It is usually made of strong materials such as aluminum alloy, iron or stainless steel, with excellent load-bearing capacity and durability. Oval and round are the most common shapes of carabiners. These designs are not only beautiful, but also show excellent performance in actual use. Climbers can use carabiners to securely fasten equipment and items to their backpacks, such as ropes, water bottles, etc., thereby greatly reducing the weight on their backs and improving walking comfort. In addition, carabiners can also be used to set up temporary tents or fixed camp facilities to ensure that climbers can stay safely overnight in harsh environments.
In addition to outdoor mountain climbing, carabiners also play an important role in the pet industry. Many pet owners find it convenient to use a carabiner to secure a dog leash to their pet, which is both strong and easy to operate. Compared with the traditional knotting method, carabiners not only save time, but are also stronger, effectively preventing pets from accidentally breaking free during walking. In addition, the carabiner’s small size and lightness make it ideal for traveling with pets.
In daily life and work, carabiners also show their practical value. For example, in terms of organizing and storing items, carabiners can be used as storage tools for rubber bands, headbands and other small items. Stringing them together makes them easy to access and neat and beautiful. In addition, the carabiner can also be used as a keychain. The keys can be strung together and fixed around the waist, which is safe and difficult to lose. In an office environment, carabiners can also be used to secure cables, plugs and other electronic devices to effectively prevent them from being damaged by pulling.
In some special industries and fields, carabiners also play a unique role. For example, in the military field, carabiners are used to secure equipment and weapons to ensure the safety and flexibility of soldiers during operations. In the field of rescue and emergency services, the strength and reliability of carabiners make them a key tool for securing rescue equipment and building temporary facilities. At the same time, in photography and film and television production, carabiners are often used to fix photographic equipment and lighting equipment to ensure the stability and safety of the shooting process.
It is worth mentioning that with the continuous advancement of technology and the diversification of people's needs, the design and functions of carabiners are also constantly innovating. Today, carabiners with special functions have appeared on the market. For example, carabiners with LED lights can provide lighting at night, and carabiners with GPS positioning functions can help users stay safe during outdoor activities.
As a multi-functional outdoor equipment, carabiners are widely used in many industries and fields. Whether it is outdoor climbing, pet travel, or daily life and work, carabiners have won people's favor with their excellent performance and flexible uses. As people's love and demand for outdoor activities increase, it is believed that carabiners will continue to play a greater role in the future, bringing more convenience and safety to people's lives.