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Our steel buckles undergo a rigorous high-temperature forging process. Made of High-grade steel, these buckles are essential components for ensuring the security of belts, straps, ropes, and other safety equipment. The high tensile strength of our steel buckles guarantees their ability to securely hold and support significant weights without compromise. To improve corrosion resistance and exquisite appearance, our steel buckles offer various surface treatments, including galvanizing, nickel plating, chromium plating, electrophoresis, and anodizing.

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Established in 2018, Ningbo Henglong Machinery Co., Ltd. is a China OEM Steel Buckle Supplier and ODM Steel Buckle company specializing in the production of Steel Buckle and other high-altitude anti-fall equipment hardware connection products. The company primarily uses the forging process to produce products represented by forged steel bar hooks, forged D-rings, buckles and shackles. Our company's products are widely used in high-altitude operations such as construction, electricity, firefighting, climbing, and high-altitude rescue. Not only do we have extensive manufacturing experience and advanced forging equipment, but we are also equipped with complete product testing equipment. In addition to this, we have trained a team of professional technicians. As a result, our company has considerable product customization and development capabilities. Currently, the Company maintains strict control over product quality and has just passed the lSO9001:2015 management system certification.
Thanks to our good quality control, competitive prices, advanced and reasonable production techniques, and the recommendations of our professional foreign trade team, our products have been exported to more than 10 countries, such as Mexico, Canada, Chile, Spain, Russia, Singapore. In addition, we can maintain smooth communication with our customers at all times and provide effective OEM and ODM services according to their requirements. For products waiting to be shipped, customers are welcome to commission a third party to guide the inspection. If the products shipped are defective, we will return them on a guaranteed basis so that our customers around the world don't have to worry.
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We have passed the lSO9001:2015 management system certification.

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Steel Buckle Industry knowledge Extension

In the manufacturing of outdoor equipment and apparel, Steel Buckles have become an indispensable component due to their durability, beauty and elegance. The design of Steel Buckles is not only related to the appearance and texture of the equipment, but also directly affects its ease of use and functionality.
Ease of use is an important criterion for measuring the quality of a product design. For Steel Buckles, its ease of use is mainly reflected in whether the operation is simple enough, whether the results are reasonable and the processing of material indications.
The design of Steel Buckles should take into account the user's operational needs in different environments and usage scenarios. For example, in cold or slippery conditions, users may need to wear gloves to operate, which requires Buckles to be designed with a large enough operating space and obvious operating signs so that users can easily complete the opening and closing actions.
Reasonable structural design can reduce user misoperation during use. For example, by optimizing the locking mechanism, Buckles is less likely to open accidentally when exposed to external force, thereby improving the safety of use. At the same time, reasonable structural design can also reduce friction and wear between parts and extend the service life of Buckles.
The material and surface treatment of Steel Buckles not only affect their appearance and texture, but also have an important impact on their ease of use. For example, the anti-slip steel surface can increase the friction between the user's hand and Buckles, improving the stability of the operation. Additionally, a proper surface coating prevents rust and corrosion, maintaining the beauty and durability of Buckles.
The design of Steel Buckles also affects its functionality. Functionality refers to the functions and effects that a product can achieve during use. For Steel Buckles, its functionality is mainly reflected in connection stability, adaptability and durability.
As connectors, the primary function of Steel Buckles is to ensure the stability of the connection. Therefore, its design needs to take into account force distribution and strength requirements to ensure a stable connection state in various usage scenarios.
Different outdoor equipment and clothing have different requirements for the size, shape and installation method of Buckles. Therefore, the design of Steel Buckles needs to have a certain degree of flexibility to adapt to the needs of different products. For example, through modular design, Buckles with different specifications and functions can be interchanged and combined, improving the versatility and customizability of the product.
The outdoor environment is complex and changeable, and Steel Buckles need to withstand various harsh conditions. Therefore, its design needs to take into account performance requirements such as corrosion resistance, fatigue resistance and impact resistance to ensure stable performance during use.
The design of Steel Buckles has a crucial impact on their ease of use and functionality. During the design process, it is necessary to fully consider the user's usage habits, operating needs, as well as the environment and usage scenarios in which the product is located, and optimize ease of use and functionality through reasonable structural design, material selection, and surface treatment. At the same time, it is also necessary to constantly pay attention to changes in the market and technology, introduce new design concepts and technical means in a timely manner, and promote the continuous innovation and development of Steel Buckles design.